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Just a couple of decades ago owning an instrument was a show of luxury; even the most basic acoustic guitars were super expensive, which is the reason most musicians were leaning on endorsements and record deals to buy better gear.

However, the picture has changed drastically, and now basically every second household has a guitar lying around somewhere. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to invest more than $100 to get a quality acoustic guitar; moreover, the chances are you’ll be able to find some models that are even cheaper while offering similar features and qualities.

Today we’ve picked a couple of the finest cheap acoustic guitars, so without any further ado, let’s dive into the reviews.

Stagg SA 20A BLK 6-string Auditorium Acoustic guitar

Stagg’s SA 20A BLK should be a no-brainer pick if you are looking for a quality budget acoustic guitar. It features a combination of stained maple, Eastern mahogany and basswood in terms of tonewoods, which offer a balanced, full-bodied tone which is distinctly brighter and more controllable in comparison to other similarly priced models.

Additionally, this guitar offers excellent intonation and is durable as a wall of bricks; it’s a road-worthy guitar that can actually be used as a main guitar, as well as a reliable back-up instrument for gigging musicians. It does cost just slightly more than most low-end acoustic guitars, but luckily this is its only downside.

J&Z Beginner Acoustic Guitar ¾-size

J&Z’s beginner acoustic value bundle is comprised of everything a beginner guitarist needs; it features a high-quality leather strap, a reliable clip-on tuner, a pair of celluloid guitar picks, a polishing cloth, and a thoroughly padded gig bag.

The guitar that comes in this package is made of basswood and packs six nylon strings; its mellow tone is complemented by superb playability, although we should also mention that the fingerboard doesn’t feature inlays. This is an excellent choice for immediate starters who currently have nothing but the will to learn how to play the acoustic guitar.

3rd Avenue Acoustic guitar Blue Burst

Here we have another value bundle by 3rd Avenue; an acoustic guitar made of quality hardwood paired with a plethora of complementary features, such as a guitar stand, a nylon bag, a couple of picks, replacement strings, a chromatic tuner, and a guitar capo.

One of the main reasons why we’re recommending this guitar is that it looks absolutely gorgeous and has a sound that is almost equally beautiful. It comes pre-strung with light-gauge strings made of durable steel that further augment its exceptional playability.

HUAWIND Classical Acoustic Guitar ¾ Size

Our next pick is vintage-looking dreadnought made by Huawind; even though you probably haven’t heard about this brand, this guitar is among the best-sounding short-scaled acoustic axes that the current market has to offer.

It feature basswood construction and a laminated body; this essentially means that it’s exceptionally sturdy and that it offers a warm tone with plenty of sustain and overtones. Furthermore, its shortened scale length works like a charm for people with smaller hands, teens, and a bit older children. In a nutshell, it sounds great, feels awesome, and its playability is almost unequalled considering its price.

Master Play Left-handed Acoustic guitar Bundle

Since most ‘best guitar’ lists feature predominantly right-handed guitars, we’ve decided to include one for the lefties. The Master Play acoustic guitar features a sturdy hardwood construction, and even though its tone is not exemplary, it sounds nice and remains in tune for weeks.

It also comes with gratis guitar accessories, including a lightweight gig bag, three nylon guitar picks, a basic guitar strap, and a set of replacement strings. All things considered, this is a cheap guitar bundle made for left-handed guitar neophytes and starters.

CNBLue Acoustic Guitar

Next up we have CNBlue’s acoustic guitar; this is a full-scale basswood acoustic guitar that features a well-built body, an accessible easy-grip neck, and a sleek, smooth fingerboard. Its exceptional playability goes hand in hand with its bright, full-bodied tone.

Hardware-wise, it packs a decent tailpiece and a robust nut, as well as a set of reliable machine heads that will help you tune it easily. Lastly, CNBlue’s acoustic guitar comes with a complementary nylon gig bag.

JMFinger Beginner Classical Acoustic Guitar

Our final pick of the day is JMFinger’s Beginner classical acoustic guitar value package. Since this is our last recommendation, let’s give it a bit more attention; it features a basswood top and back while its body is comprised of laminated hardwood. This is a fairly common combination of tonewoods that offers a decent balance between tonal performance and long-lasting durability.

As far as hardware goes, it’s equipped with robust tuning pegs, a sturdy nut, and a reliable tailpiece. Its intonation is top-notch, and it is capable of staying in tune for weeks, even if you’re pounding on it all day long.

Last but certainly not least, this is a beginner’s bundle that comes supplied with a myriad of high-quality gratis features, such as a cool-looking guitar strap, JMFinger’s proprietary gig bag with side pockets and compartments, a pair of nylon picks, and a chromatic tuner.

At the end of the day, if your budget is low and you’re on the market searching for a high-quality guitar that doesn’t cost a fortune, JMFinger’s acoustic guitar might be your best bet.

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