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Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands


As we’re watching TV shows and live concerts of musicians we often see that guitarists have long, pointy fingers; we imagine that that’s why they’re playing so good while the fact of the matter is that they’re simply practicing ten hours a day.

On another hand, it’s also true that people with smaller hands are at a slight disadvantage; even so, there are many guitars from many different brands that were specifically manufactured to cater to their needs. We’ve taken the liberty of handpicking a couple of the best high-value ones. Let’s dive right into it!

Squier by Fender Mini Stratocaster

New players and beginner guitarists start off with a Fender Stratocaster, professionals end up using it even after they’ve garnered fame and fortunes. The reason for this is simple; this is a highly playable, great sounding guitar.

It sports a shortened scale length, excellent hardware, and an impeccable selection of top-shelf tonewoods, so if you’re out on the market looking for an all-rounder, we warmly recommend the Mini Stratocaster.

Schecter Omen Extreme-6 Electric guitar

Shecter is one of those ‘specialized’ brands that mainly produce instruments for lovers of heavier music genres and styles.

This mainly involves rock and metal, and it’s not a coincidence that musicians that are involved with these styles have the same physical demands as people with smaller hands; they need to be able to gallop along the fingerboard while executing complex techniques, which is where the Omen Extreme comes into play.

This is, first and foremost, a marvelously sounding guitar; even though it costs a bit more than average, it is nearly unparalleled in fields of accessibility and playability. Its sound is dominated by the warm and deep basswood and complemented by maple and mahogany.

Squier by Fender Mini Jazzmaster HH

If you’re into Fender but haven’t jumped onto the Stratocaster bandwagon (still), there’s a perfect alternative for you called the Mini Jazzmaster HH. Essentially, Mini Jazzmaster shares the same design with the Mini Strat, although it feels and sounds strikingly different.

This guitar features a poplar body and a fingerboard made of sleek Maple, which you’ll notice feels light and polished, even if untouched for months. In comparison to the Mini Strat, it offers standard humbuckers (as opposed to single-coil pickups), and it shares the same shortened scale length.

Yamaha Revstar RS320

Yamaha’s guitars are renowned for their peculiar body designs and terrific tones that are otherwise inaccessible with other guitars. The RS320 is not an exception, as it packs the exquisite ‘half-cutaway’ design, allowing players to reach the furthest frets with ease.

In terms of sonic performance, this guitar features an Eastern Mahogany body and high-output ceramic pickups that complement its strong, punchy tone with extra balance. Furthermore, this guitar is exceptionally durable, and even though it already looks great, it’s available in a plethora of color style variations that you can choose between.

Grote Tele Set-in Electric guitar

Fender invented, crafted, and popularized the Telecaster, and many brands tried to replicate their design. Grote is one of the companies that have managed to do it properly while also putting their own stamp on it.

The Grote Tele is a maple-made guitar with a shortened scale length (25.5 inches), 22 tall and wide frets, and two balanced pickups; it offers an excellent balance between a highly controllable and customizable sound and a sleek, easy to play fingerboard.

We wholeheartedly recommend it to both beginners and experienced players, as this is one of the few entry-level guitars that offer as much value as quality.

Ibanez GRX 70QATRB

Ibanez guitars are characterized by fast, thin-shaped necks that are exceptionally easy to grip. The GRX 70QATRB is an excellent example of what this brand’s engineers are capable of, and even though it costs a bit more than a standard budget guitar, it sounds like a professional one, looks like a professional one, and feels like a professional one.

This guitar features an Alder top and a back made of Oak while its body is made of poplar. It will be able to survive the beatings of the road, practice sessions, and live performances with ease and its tone will reliably be at your disposal even if you do grow out of it after making it to the upper echelons of the music industry. 

Traveler Guitar V88S EYLGMP

Traveler Guitars are famous among commuting and gigging guitarists mainly because they’re much lighter and smaller than ‘average’ guitars. What makes the V88S EYLGMP so great for people with smaller hands is the fact that all of its frets are actually accessible from both sides.

Furthermore, it packs a shorter scale length, and due to its reduced size, it’s also significantly lighter, which is a tremendous boon to its already-great playability.


Let’s pull down the curtains with ESP’s LTD MH-203QM electric guitar. The first thing you’ll notice about this axe is that it looks much cooler than most mid-range and obviously budget guitars. It’s made of top-tier Maple and Mahogany, so it will sound like a caged beast no matter where you plug it in.

The instrument’s playability level is through the roof as its frets are a bit wider and taller than average. The downside, however, is the fact that it does not feature inlays, so coordinating between the frets might be a bit of an issue for you.

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