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Best Electric Guitar Strings for Beginners


Playing guitar has its easy sides. However, there are many things that you need to consider before even putting your hands on the instrument. This goes both for acoustic and electric guitars. And, to be fair, electric guitars can get a bit more complicated compared to acoustic ones. You have pickups to think about, setting up the bridge, and don’t even get us started on electronics and all the other components.

But there’s one essential, basic thing that beginners tend to overlook, and these are electric guitar strings. Some may neglect this particular factor, or just not pay enough attention to it, but strings make one of the most important components of your overall sonic output.

What’s more, a set of strings that don’t fit your needs or your required style can make an impact on your performance and technical proficiency. But if we’re talking about beginners, there are some useful strings that will get them covered for any style of music and any setting. With this in mind, we’ve decided to cover the best electric guitar strings for beginners.

Donner Electric Guitar Strings DES-20M

Donner is one of the most famous brands for beginners. They have plenty of stuff to offer, including great guitar strings. As far as electric guitars go, we’d single out their DES-20M set which comes with the standard 10 gauge. And they’re not only comfortable, but they also come with a very reasonable price tag. Not to mention that their tone is neutral and balanced, making them a great choice for a variety of genres.

Ernie Ball Classic Pure Nickel Regular Slinky

Of course, Ernie Ball is an unavoidable mention when it comes to guitar strings for pretty much any genre and skill level. If we’re talking about beginners, the company’s Pure Nickel Regular Slinky set is the one to think about here. This classic 10-46 set provides you with a slightly heavier bottom-end, but an overall balanced tone. Additionally, they’re very durable and will last for a while.

GHS Strings GBL Guitar Boomers

Another great brand for all guitar players, GHS offers plenty of resonance along with a comfortable performance with their GBL Guitar Boomers set. Featuring a steel hex core, they’re round-wound nickel-plated which and feature brightness and strong attack. Whether you’re playing guitar with humbuckers or single-coils, these strings will make your instrument shine.

Gibson Brite Wires

Known for their awesome guitars and other gear, Gibson has an abundance of awesome electric guitar strings to offer. The set that caught out attention is their Brite Wires that’s well-known for its strong attack. These come with a Swedish steel hex core and have a wonderful nickel plating. But aside from the brightness and strong attack, this nickel plating also adds some smoothness and warmth in the mix, making them very versatile and especially useful for those who prefer to have something that covers the full audible spectrum.

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